Introducing the Tremor In-Wall Subwoofer: Redefining Audio Excellence Immerse yourself in a new era of subwoofers with the Tremor. Our latest in-wall subwoofer features a 10" square woofer; which is 30% smaller than its predecessor, the Trunami Sub. Bass has never been more sleek and powerful. Enjoy a seamless and secure installation with dual-dog ear technology, ensuring stability when mounted against studs. The paintable metal grill allows the subwoofer to blend effortlessly into any space, providing a customizable and sophisticated aesthetic. Elevate your audio even further with the optional bass extender, providing an additional 3dB of output for a deeper, more resonant sound. An optional rough-in ring is available - simplifying trim-outs for a polished finish in any setting. The Tremor also offers adaptability with optional Trunami adaptor rings, enabling easy upgrades for any current Trunami Subs in your system. Experience the future of in-wall subwoofers – compact, sleek, and powerful. Elevate your audio with the Tremor and redefine your sound environment.

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