SLIM Series

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SLIM Series  by TruAudio



SLIM-300/100- Sound that will impress. To bring out the sound in a soundbar this thin, we started from the ground up and engineered a cutting-edge design specifically for the SLIM: • Using a solid, one-piece housing allowed us to maximize air volume and rigidity to achieve a full range of sound. • Our three tweeters are 1 inch aluminum dome - not silk - with sophisticated crossover on the metal housing to give them a softer, warmer sound. • All our six, 3.5 inch woofers are active – there are no passive woofers for needless show or added expense. Made from black carbon fiber – not poly – for greater output, our rigid, long-throw glass fiber cones and ported motor assemblies allow the drivers to deliver amazing separation and rich, full sound. Your customers will love the sound of SLIM! SLIM-PWR44 - With TruAudio’s SLIM-PWR44 television comes alive. Hear the lows your TV has never produced before. Music plays loud and deep and with Bluetooth 4.0 AptX it’s easier than ever to play your favorite tunes with TruAudio sound. With this soundbar a subwoofer is optional, but comes with a built in wireless transmitter to take your bass even lower. Add any of TruAudio’s subs to bring the house down. The soundbar is easy to use and works out of the box with volume commands from most major TV manufacturers’ remotes. The sleek brushed aluminum body is an accent to any TV and at just 2.9” deep you can pair it with the thinnest of TVs. An IR input on the back keeps installs clean. Use the SLIM-TVB to mount to any of TruAudio’s Flex TV mounts. Remote is included, pairs with W-RX for wireless sub. SLIM-H20 - The SLIM-H2O brings to you the same great sound and slim flat-mount design, as other TruAudio SLIM line soundbars, in an industry first weatherproof package. The sleek aluminum body, galvanized steel grill, and stainless steel hardware is UV resistant, weather resistant, and has been tested to stand up to the harshest of environments. Six active poly injected drivers paired with aluminum tweeters bring live, crystal-clear, full sound to any outdoor TV install. Perfect for patios, cabanas, decks, or other outdoor listening environments. Weatherproof construction Easy and versatile flat mounting Wall to grill depth of 2.2” Wiring channels on back for easy install Crystal clear TruAudio sound

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